Introducing Cosmic Frog

A supply chain paradigm from the cosmos

The old ways of supply chain design have had their challenges - often with clunky interfaces, poor user experience, a hefty price tag, and no customizations, simulations, or support for complex solves. As the world around us keeps demanding more from our supply chains, we need technology that can transcend time and space.

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The Cosmic Frog Solution

Cosmic Frog is the only cloud-native supply chain design solution on the market that combines optimization, simulation and a risk engine to provide analysis of cost, service and risk across scenarios, enabling more informed decision making. Visualize results, collaborate with colleagues and hyperscale by running hundreds of scenarios concurrently - all on a single, intuitive interface. Our solution is designed and used by everyone from business analysts, supply chain power users to developers

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For Business Analysts & Supply Chain Designers

We've developed a cloud based, intuitive UI with easy-to-use workflows that leverage some of the most powerful engines and solvers on the planet. Cosmic Frog’s intuitive user interface is the best solution for business leaders, designers, and analysts who want to create visually appealing dashboards to present to stakeholders and share across the team.

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For Power Users

We realize that some users will want to customize the workflow of our solution so it fits nicely into an existing framework, some might want to add custom policies or business rules and others might decide to build their own UI that utilizes our powerful data model and engines. For these users, they’ve struck gold with our Supply Chain Design Kit (SDK).


For Programmers & Developers

It’s not the Matrix, it’s our Python-based IDE, crafted for programmers that prefer building, optimizing and simulating all within code. Accompanied by our extensive collection of powerful APIs, model library and cloud-based plug-ins, you can create even more actionable and scalable supply chain designs than ever before.

The Cosmic Frog Technologies

Optimization Engine

Our optimization algorithm has been developed by a team of the most experienced and talented data scientists in this field and is powered by the fastest commercially available solver available on the market. This combination of intelligence and power, along with our experience in supply chain design, result in our world class optimization engine, which we have named Neo.

Simulation Engine

Our simulation engine has been developed by a team that has decades of experience creating simulation technology and has tremendous insight into how its applied to the supply chain design field. You must see how our supply chain simulation engine can bring insight and value to your supply chain design process that you never thought was possible. We refer to this simulation engine as Throg.

Risk Engine

Our risk engine is the first to bring a risk assessment into to the supply chain design process. Built to not only take into account operational risk that is inherent in any given design, it also takes into account systemic risk, or external risk factors, that can affect your network. This engine, along with our simulation and optimization engine, can be used together to perform scenario analysis to identify risks, understand the potential impact and mitigate these risks proactively, during the supply chain design process.

Anura Data Model

All three of our powerful engines are supported by the same data model, which we call Anura. Think of this as a data structure that is used to build mathematical versions of supply chains. This collection of data objects can be read by all Optilogic algorithms, hence only populate the data model once and use it to solve for any answer across our solution.

Go Beyond Supply Chain Design: Launch your Enterprise

We believe that successful enterprise design and better decision-making can only be accomplished through balancing the optimal financial model, service levels and the risk of your design. Your Supply Chain Design tools shouldn’t only enable you to create, optimize and simulate a digital model, it should allow you to spot systemic inefficiencies, detect potential risks, and assess the impact and outcomes of various scenarios and structural options.

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