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Cosmic Frog is the only cloud-native supply chain design solution that combines optimization, simulation, and risk ratings. By balancing cost considerations, service levels, and systemic risk, you can predict the best, most resilient supply chain designs.

Visualize results, collaborate with colleagues, and run hundreds of scenarios concurrently - all in a single, intuitive interface.

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The Cosmic Frog Technologies


Our optimization engine was developed by a team of the most experienced and talented data scientists in the field and is powered by the fastest solver available on the market. Combine optimization with simulation to not only find the optimal solution but gain visibility into how any given scenario would perform under real-world conditions.

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Developed by a team with decades of experience creating simulation technology and applying it to the supply chain design field, our supply chain simulation engine is ideal for refining strategies and policies and testing the feasibility of a design and the true impact of proposed changes.

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Risk Rating

Cosmic Frog is the first supply chain design solution to incorporate risk assessment. Our risk engine considers operational risk as well as external risk factors that can affect your network. Risk ratings can be combined with our simulation and optimization engines during the supply chain design process to identify risks, understand the potential impact, and mitigate risks proactively.

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Who Uses Cosmic Frog?

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Business Analysts & Supply Chain Designers

We've developed a cloud based, intuitive UI with easy-to-use workflows that leverage some of the most powerful engines and solvers on the planet. Cosmic Frog is an ideal solution for business leaders, designers, and analysts who want to create visually appealing dashboards to present to stakeholders and share across the team.

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Power Users

Our Supply Chain Design Kit (SDK) is perfect for users who want to customize the workflow of our solution to fit nicely into an existing framework, add custom policies or business rules, or build their own UI using our powerful data model and engines.


Programmers & Developers

Our Python-based IDE is crafted for programmers that prefer building, optimizing and simulating all within code. Along with our extensive collection of powerful APIs, model library, and cloud-based plug-ins, you can create even more actionable and scalable supply chain designs than ever before.

Go Beyond Supply Chain Design: Launch your Enterprise

We believe that successful enterprise design and better decision-making can only be accomplished through balancing the optimal financial model, service levels and the risk of your design. Your Supply Chain Design tools shouldn’t only enable you to create, optimize and simulate a digital model, it should allow you to spot systemic inefficiencies, detect potential risks, and assess the impact and outcomes of various scenarios and structural options.

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