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You’ve Got Questions About Your Supply Chain Design – Our Solution Gives You the Answers


Build a Global Supply Chain Strategy

Let’s face it – the world has changed and your supply chain needs to change with it. When your organization is looking to evaluate various aspects of your end-to-end supply chain – from inbound sourcing and manufacturing to outbound distribution and beyond – the underlying components of cost, capacity, service, risk, and margin are at the core of any big business decision.

The Cosmic Frog solution helps organizations move away from chaotic spreadsheets and making decisions off “gut feel” to using real data to drive results. Our world-class solving engines and scalable scenarios provide a comprehensive view of cost, service, margin, and risk.

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A Solution that Grows with You

Cosmic Frog is the all-in-one solution for:

  • M&A analysis
  • Nearshoring and reshoring
  • New product introductions
  • Intelligent greenfield or site selection
  • Overall cost to serve
  • Capex planning
  • Product flow analysis
  • And more!

Organizations can grow without unnecessary complications by developing a repeatable process to monitor and evaluate changes to their global supply chain with Cosmic Frog.

A New Approach to Honing in on Supply Chain Design Analytics

To turn data into insight, companies need to dive into specific areas of their supply chain to understand how to better improve processes, serve customers, and mitigate risk, all while balancing costs and margins.

Cosmic Frog gives organizations the perfect combination of analytical visualization and algorithmic solving horsepower.

Supply Chain Analysts use Cosmic Frog to Address:

  • Manufacturing capacity
  • Warehouse storage
  • Inbound transportation modes & flows
  • Labor capacity
  • Sources of supply
  • Inventory strategy
  • Service analysis
  • E-commerce fulfillment strategies

And so much more…

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Proactively Mitigate Risks in Your Supply Chain Design

Design with risk in mind

While many organizations have been building capabilities to monitor supply chain risk, few have been able to quantify their overall supply chain design in terms of risk. As we pivot to the new normal of highly variable supply chains – variable demand, supply, costs, labor supply, etc. – companies need to better design their supply chains with risk visibility, alongside cost and service.

Get a risk rating

We’ve made it simple to score your current supply chain across a variety of risk metrics and quickly build scenarios to evaluate how risk, cost, and service metrics are impacted. Hop into Cosmic Frog to test it for yourself.
mitigate risks
tailored solutions

Create Tailored Supply Chain Design Solutions

Go beyond out-of-the-box solutions

Some organizations have unique analytical processes, decision variables, and solving requirements that may go beyond out-of-the-box supply chain design solutions.

Not the Matrix - just Python coding

That’s why our cloud-native solution, Cosmic Frog, is extensible to fit into an organization’s existing workflow. Our solution provides Python-based extensions and powerful APIs so your tailored applications can be agile and affordable.

Understand the Power of Sustainability in Your Supply Chain Design

CO2 emissions, water usage, returnable packages, fair trade suppliers, and ESG scores are rising to the top of many supply chain executives’ scorecards. And as with risk, many organizations’ supply chains can’t quantify their end-to-end CO2, water usage, or landfill contribution scores. As supply chain design moves into more of an enterprise design approach, these KPIs will be common outputs in supply chain design studies.