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Meet the Fastest and Most Powerful Supply Chain Design Solution

Watch a 5-minute demo of Cosmic Frog!

In this quick overview demo, we’ll show you how to:

  • Set up your free Cosmic Frog account
  • Create a new model or use a pre-built template
  • Upload data (or use our test data!)
  • Build and run scenarios
  • Get a risk rating for every scenario
  • Analyze and share scenarios with vivid maps and charts

“With the market so volatile from disruptions in supply and demand, supplier challenges, and transportation cost variables, Cosmic Frog will help us design the most optimal supply chain network for clients that will mitigate the risk of disruptions.”

Ryan Polakoff
Ryan Polakoff
President, Nexterus
Group 5438
2023 08 22 13 33 18 1

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