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  • Cloud-Based and Intuitive
  • Optimize and Simulate
  • Minimize Risk and Volatility
  • Convert Old Supply Chain Models
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Design Resilient Supply Chains of the Future

Three Solvers In One Solution

Our solution uses optimization, simulation, and a risk engine. We are the only supply chain design software that provides a risk rating on every model scenario.

Multiple Models Run in Parallel

Our SaaS platform runs on Azure and uses hyperscaling technology to allow hundreds of models and scenarios to run in parallel.

Each Model Runs Faster

Our solution is powered by Gurobi, the fastest optimization solver on the market, which enables our solution to run models 5x faster.
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Data Model That Fits Your Needs

Our data schema is simple, yet powerful and provides the building blocks needed to capture the appropriate level of complexity. Convert your existing model to our platform and see the difference.

Easy Model Creation

Our intuitive interface, powerful workflows and easy scenario modeling make modeling simpler and faster than ever.

Free to Get Started

Sign up for a free account and try our solution without any commitment. See the future of supply chain design without a complicated installation or risky investment.
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"Transitioning to Optilogic was easy. I didn’t have to worry about licensing or tying up my local machine, and I was able to leverage powerful solvers to scale at levels that would not have been economically feasible without Optilogic."
– Marc Meketon, Vice President at Oliver Wyman
"When I was tasked with creating a robust vehicle routing MIP formulation, I selected Optilogic for the challenge and was thrilled with the process. Sign-up was easy, there were no licensing concerns, and best of all, I was able to leverage Gurobi’s commercial grade solver to build and solve my model in the cloud in a matter of minutes."
– Jon Lever, Optagility
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"Our company wanted to create a Machine Learning recommendation engine to power our solution. Optilogic stepped up to the challenge. Not only did they deliver, they helped ensure the success of the solution. We’re blown away."
– Eric Turner, CEO at Return Rabbit
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