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Monthly Live Training: Getting Started with Cosmic Frog

Are you just getting started in Cosmic Frog? Need a refresher on how to build and maintain Cosmic Frog models? Whatever your background in supply chain design, this in-depth product demonstration of Cosmic Frog and live Q&A will have you on your way to building your own supply chain models to answer even the toughest supply chain questions.

Open to:  All free and Professional account holders
Feb 15, 12 p.m. US Eastern Time

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Conversations with Product Management: Risk Rating Engine

Join the Comic Frog product management team for a look into how Optilogic is incorporating risk into supply chain design. You'll get a peek at our risk rating engine and see how Cosmic Frog users can use Opti-Risk scores for scenario comparison and insight. Learn what types of risk data are available to determine which aspects of your supply chain are risky and how to gain additional insights into the source of the risk. Supply chain design must include risk--here's your chance to get in on the movement.

Open to: All free and Professional account holders
Feb 23, 11 a.m. US Eastern Time

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We’ve curated hundreds of support articles and videos to help you use Cosmic Frog with confidence and maximize results.

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Our team of experts specializes in working with companies like yours to use design to answer even the toughest supply chain questions. Book an expert for coaching and training, project scoping, or custom algorithm development.

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