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Start Considering Risk in Your Supply Chain Design with these 4 Steps

Too many organizations fail to truly identify risk within their supply chains.

According to PwC, more than 60% of companies said that their performance indicators had dropped by 3% or more because of supply chain disruptions. Yet shockingly, 60% of companies pay only marginal attention to risk reduction processes.

Good news! By incorporating risk analysis into the supply chain design process, you can start making smarter supply chain decisions that address both financial and resiliency business objectives.

Unlock your free guide to learn four steps to consider risk in supply chain design with Optilogic, including:

  1. Get your Opti-Risk score (for free!)
  2. How to identify and answer your supply chain “What If” questions
  3. Tips for becoming a risk mitigation expert
  4. How to effectively plan for contingencies

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