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Cosmic Frog: Supply Chain Design that Balances Cost, Service, and Risk

  • 3-in-1 Design Platform
    Combine optimization, simulation, and risk to select the best designs
  • 100% Cloud-Native
    Design and share models from anywhere and run hundreds of models concurrently
  • Risk Rating
    Get a risk assessment on every scenario for resilient supply chain designs
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Find the Strengths and Fix Weaknesses in Your Supply Chain

Use Cosmic Frog to identify weak points and plan and test stronger supply chain designs.

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Where are the weak points in your network? 

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Where is your supply chain strongest?  

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How can you improve service levels and minimize risk? 

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What solutions should you identify for potential disruption scenarios?

Predict the Best, Most Resilient Supply Chain Designs

When the next disruption may be just around the corner, resilience is crucial.  Balance financials, service, and risk with our unique 3-in-1 platform to make more informed decisions beyond just cost.