AI Solutions for SMBs – Removing Barriers to Enabling Digitalized Decision Making

SMB leaders are facing challenges like never before. In order to compete with the larger players in the market, they have to shift tactics, but the fear of high costs and daunting levels of technology often stand in the way of progress. Not only is it possible for SMBs to incorporate AI into their planning processes, it’s also customizable, affordable, and profitable.

Miebach Consulting and Optilogic have shared insights on how this is possible in a webinar: AI Solutions for SMBs - Removing barriers to enabling digitalized decision making for small businesses is now available on-demand. Join Victoria Ma, Digitalization and Innovation Lead for Miebach Consulting North America and John Ames, VP of Business Development with Optilogic to learn how AI solutions are not only realistic on an SMB budget, but what digital decision making can achieve for your business. Jonathan Parks, SVP of Supply Chain for iGPS, shares his company’s experience and some insights on the custom solution developed by Miebach and Optilogic.

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