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Supply Chain Simulation

The Power of Simulating
Your Supply Chain Models

As supply chains continue to increase in complexity, more sophisticated modeling techniques are required to meet business goals. Simulation allows for the exploration of interrelated, dynamic, and random events by showing the behavior of a supply chain over time, under various conditions and stressors. Think of simulation as a means of answering the “what-if” questions and scenarios within your end-to-end supply chain. Use simulation to stress-test your system, refine strategies and policies, and test the feasibility of a design and the true impact of proposed changes.


Cosmic Frog is built on a powerful simulation engine, specifically designed for supply chain modeling.

Optilogic’s Cosmic Frog solution has a discrete event simulation engine specifically built for modeling complex supply chains. Our solution provides a straightforward, data-driven approach for supply chain analysts to build models of their network, simulate the flow of products through a network, and calculate related operating costs, service levels, and other key performance indicators over any number of hours, days, weeks, or months.

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How Can You Use Supply Chain Simulation?

Our technology is so advanced that you can model down to the order/SKU level. Cosmic Frog can help you answer ribbiting supply chain design questions like:

  • What happens if the company sources product-to-need versus to-ocean container sizes?
  • How does the introduction of new products affect OTIF?
  • Should we adjust policies or stocking locations for changes in product mix?
  • Does it make sense to centralize stocking of slow movers to one location?
  • How would the above changes impact mode mix delivery to customers?

Just to name a few use cases.

Optimization + Simulation + Risk

Combine prescriptive analytics with predictive analytics to not only find the optimal solution but gain visibility into how any given scenario would perform under realistic conditions. The Cosmic Frog platform combines optimization and simulation in a single, flexible platform, sharing the same data schema. This architecture provides a workflow for users to utilize both technologies for a more comprehensive, insightful, and accurate analysis, leading to improved decision-making in supply chain design. Plus, every design includes a supply chain risk rating.

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