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Product Update

Optilogic Product Update - A New Solver And Beyond

In November of 2020, we officially launched Optilogic, our cloud-based modeling studio, to the public. Since then we’ve had hundreds of people make free accounts and start their cloud-based modeling, optimization, and simulation journey. Our initial release came with the following:

  • A fully featured IDE-grade cloud-based modeling studio accessible from anywhere! Comes pre-configured to build optimization and simulation models.
  • A set of accessible APIs to solve the deployment and scalability challenges in one swoop! No more manual and custom work to ensure your models can power the applications of your choice.

Since then, we’ve added some big updates and announcements. Here are our most notable things to know:

Gurobi Solver to become available in Optilogic

That’s right, we’ve partnered with the fastest MIP commercial solver on the market. This means that all Optilogic users will soon be able to access the Gurobi solver for optimization, adding to our portfolio of advanced solvers. You know what else this means? For the first time, users will be able to leverage a powerful solver via a cloud-based platform. This level of accessibility and power is revolutionary, and we can’t wait for our users to take advantage of it. More information on our partnership to come.

Applied Research has delivered its first versions of the Machine Learning Accelerator and the Optilogic presolve.

The Machine Learning Accelerator and Optilogic presolve leverage our machine learning research and different presolve techniques, respectively, to help us speed up the open source solving process. Currently you can run these on any matrix (.lp or .mps file) and see how they compare to a normal solve with CBC.

While not released yet, based on the feedback from our initial users, we’ve decided to prioritize certain features of our product roadmap. Here are the things our team is working on in the next few months:

Support for organizational licenses and customizable workspaces

While we work well for individuals needing uninterrupted access to advanced solving technology, we recognize the need for organizations to be able to manage our technology for a team. This includes being able to add and assign accounts, customize workspaces and API-available resources, and access resources from an account level. Our team has now moved this up to one of our topmost priorities for development.

Have you used Optilogic yet? If so, we’d love to hear from you! Send us an email at product@optilogic.com and tell us how you’re like the product so far. Every piece of relevant feedback helps us improve what we think is an amazing product that’s about to take the advanced solving technology industry by storm. Thank you for being a part of our group of initial users!

Don’t have an account yet? It’s free and simple to set one up. Sign up here and start optimizing from anywhere in the world!