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Product Update

Optilogic Launches Supply Chain Design Software, Cosmic Frog

The long wait is finally over - say hello to Cosmic Frog! Let’s hop right in.

With supply chain disruptions at record highs, businesses are looking to supply chain design to rethink their network structure, inventory strategy, and business policies in order to become more resilient against future disruptions. That’s where we come in.

Our new software is the next-generation solution that works for everyone from business analysts and power users to programmers and beyond. How? Well, with ease and speed. Simple enough, right?

Cosmic Frog empowers organizations to leverage supply chain design in a cloud-native environment. With built-in optimization, simulation, and risk engines, businesses can make more informed decisions beyond just cost. This solution breaks down financial performance, service levels, and risk across an end-to-end supply chain.

Fun fact: Cosmic Frog is the ONLY supply chain design software to provide a risk rating on every scenario run. How is that a game-changer? We’ll break it down. By bringing risk identification and assessment into the supply chain design process, companies can proactively minimize and mitigate risk.

How is Cosmic Frog different from other supply chain design tools on the market? Let’s face it - the tools of today are far from efficient. More often than not, these technologies have a challenging user experience, require a hefty IT investment with lengthy implementation processes, and have a costly overhead. Optilogic’s Cosmic Frog provides a cloud-based, intuitive solution to tackle enterprise data at scale, run models faster than ever, convert legacy models quickly - and can be implemented with ease.

Cosmic Frog is a solution set that can solve hundreds of scenarios concurrently, measuring risk and variability, and is flexible enough to adjust to an organization’s common workflows. Powered by the market's fastest commercial-grade MIP solvers and coupled with powerful APIs, Cosmic Frog brings:

  • Quick time-to-value

  • Design for resiliency and agility

  • Extensible to fit specific workflows

With over 25 pilot projects and early adopter customers, Optilogic’s Cosmic Frog is already transforming how enterprises’ are doing supply chain design. Here’s what we discovered! When compared to the customer’s previous supply chain design software, Cosmic Frog was able to dramatically reduce model solve times, reduce procurement costs by multiples, and onboard supply chain design teams in a matter of minutes.

Your free Cosmic Frog account is available today! Hop in to get started.