Product update

Product Update

Atlas Update: A Faster Way to Optimize

In March, we introduced Gurobi into our library of accessible solvers. Since then, we’ve made some big updates that we’re pretty excited about. Here are some of the most notable updates we’ve made to Atlas:

Welcome to the jobs dashboard!

The jobs dashboard is a place where you can see all of your activity in one place. Every model you have run as a job, when it started, how long it took, etc. is all visible. You will enjoy rapid and automatic status updates so you can always know how your job is doing, you can view and/or download your job results, as well as re-run a job with the click of a button.

Jobs Dashboard

This is your one-stop shop for monitoring the models that you are running, whether you started the job through the IDE, or you are using our API to automate things, you can always get the info you need right from here.

Up until now customers have been able to leverage our hyperscaling technology but only get a bead on what’s going on through the use of our API. We offered a programmatic way to get job information, and now it’s all done for you, with a clean UI to display each job and easy to use controls to search, filter, sort, and view information.

Choose your own resource adventure

We’ve introduced a simple and seamless way to select the size of machine your model runs on. Not every job is the same. Some require more CPU, others require more memory. There is no reason to try to get a “one size fits all” machine and pay way too much for it. Now users can select the resources they need, from a smaller 4-core 8GB machine all the way up to an 8-core 128GB machine and we are introducing more soon!

In the world of optimization you need processing power—fast clock speeds and lots of cores. When you move over to simulation you are usually flipping the problem and you need a lot of memory. The needs of these two technologies are very different and this now allows you to tailor your resources to the problem you are solving, without the need to pay for resources you don’t need.


Same Optilogic, but faster

We have worked tirelessly to both reduce the needed footprint of Optilogic technology while simultaneously making it faster. Now, users will notice a faster and more responsive experience from loading Atlas to running models. This extends to our job system as well.

Every product goes through an evolution and our sustaining and performance fixes and improvements give users faster speeds as well as helping our product remain affordable. We will always maintain our focus on stability and performance for our users.

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