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Thought Leadership

Optilogic and Perduco Tackle the Enhanced Diet Problem Application

Last November, the Optilogic team was delighted to present at the INFORMS annual meeting. INFORMS seeks to gather industry leaders from groundbreaking fields like data science, advanced analytics, operations research, and supply chain functionality. As one of the most influential meetings in our industry, we couldn’t have been more excited to showcase the work we do every day.

Our topic, The Development of the Enhanced Diet Problem Application, Built on the Optilogic Web-based Modeling Studio in the Time of Covid-19, dove into the sophisticated inner workings of our web-based optimization studio, Atlas. Throughout the presentation, you’ll see how data can be translated into practical solutions in real-time.

At Optilogic, we seek to transform the optimization space and seamlessly integrate technical advancements with artful meaning, design, and execution. Let’s take a closer look at what we covered.

Top-tier speakers

Product Manager Matthew Bates represented the Optilogic team. Matt has been in the industry for many years and most notably worked with LLamasoft, Inc. to solve some of the most advanced supply chain operations optimizations.

We had the wonderful opportunity to be joined by Joe Schoenbeck, a senior analyst at Perduco. Perduco aims to shift the way people do business by empowering them to make better, data-informed decisions, bringing certainty to complex problems. Their mission is aligned with the work that we do at Optilogic, making this an ideal collaboration.

Joe is a well-versed industry expert who has been solving complex business problems for over 20 years. He is currently working on consulting projects with the Department of Defense on a myriad of operations research problems.

How we put a modern twist on an established theory

In the operations research landscape, the diet problem is a tale as old as time. One of the first optimization problems on record, it was motivated by the US army’s desire to feed soldiers a healthy diet in a cost-effective way.

To modernize this classic problem and display the full functioning power of the Optilogic platform, Joe decided to run a situation that maximized nutrient intake subject to nutrient boundaries and calorie restrictions in a plant-based diet.

Using the resources in Atlas, Joe set the parameters, applied the constraints, double-checked the code, and ran the model to figure out the most nutrient-rich foods to consume in a plant-based diet. FYI, you may have to eat a loquat along the way.

Joe demonstrates the ease of the platform when customizing the code and ultimately viewing the results. It went from concept to prototype with grace and efficiency. In addition, Joe hooks up his access database to the API, which makes the execution of the model an automated round trip. With the click of a button, it uploads the model data, runs the model, downloads the results, and populates his results.

Optilogic addresses crucial industry needs

Joe came to us with a specific set of needs that weren’t being met by other sources. He is working on a diverse set of OR problems with over 50 analysts. They have a sizeable team and needed a stack that provided powerful solutions to their client’s problems.

They were currently using a couple of different solver options that hadn’t fully delivered. While open source worked well for the discovery phase, it fell short when it came time to scale. Joe also found that commercial licenses were expensive and rigid.

He required something that offered low-risk, minimal investment, high-accessibility, as well as robust testing and prototyping features. He and his team were looking for a solution that better captured the nuances of operations research and gave them the flexibility to optimize complex problems in an efficient, safe, and collaborative manner. Those needs led them to Optilogic.

With Atlas, we helped Joe,

  • Effectively scale his projects due to our cloud-based system, providing the resources and power he needed without the hardware, storage, and software hassle.
  • Seamlessly collaborate with team members on projects.
  • Provide rapid and accessible prototyping, estimation, debugging, and tuning capabilities.
  • Provide superior support for a fraction of the cost, as IT overhead is minimal with our web-based system.
  • Reimagine the relationship between optimization and simulation, providing built-in solutions to power charts, graphs, and other visualization techniques.
  • Give a solid foundation with our resource library but also full customization power.
  • Increase problem-solving accuracy with our sophisticated solvers Like Pyomo and Gurobi

Our team is proud to deliver a platform that transforms the way that the industry approaches optimization. For us, optimization is far more than science, it is also an art form. With all the thoughtful programming seared into our system and a continual stream of updated features, we can’t wait to help today’s top thinkers solve problems that will reshape the way they do business.

Catch a playback of the full presentation here: