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Optilogic and Gurobi: A Partnership for the Future of Optimization

We’re thrilled to announce that we have upgraded our platform and have partnered with Gurobi, the world’s fastest mathematical optimization solver on the market. By joining forces with Gurobi, the Optilogic platform now offers a complete end-to-end solution for high-fidelity modeling, optimization, and deployment.

This partnership puts us one step closer to breaking down the barriers to accessibility in the optimization industry. Through Gurobi’s continued investment in the advancement of optimization, we’ve been able to create this next-generation solution.

A New Way to Model

With Optilogic, Gurobi users can now build, deploy, and hyperscale models in minutes—not hours, days, or weeks—from anywhere in the world. The entire scaling process is handled by Optilogic, so you can run 10, 100, or 1,000 models at the same time without overloading your machine. No hardware, license keys, firewall punchouts, or IT governance needed.

You don’t even need a desktop anymore—all the tools you need are in one place. Our modeling studio is fully cloud-based, so all you need is an internet connection and an Optilogic account to solve all of your optimization problems.

A Partnership for the Future

Historically, the optimization industry has catered to developers with deep pockets. This partnership flips the script. Between Gurobi’s world-class MIP solver and Optilogic’s 100% cloud-based modeling studio, we are democratizing best-in-class optimization.

“We’ve created a next-generation solution that allows individual users to maximize the power of Gurobi”, says Don Hicks, CEO of Optilogic. “We are thrilled to be on the forefront of cloud optimization development and partner with Gurobi to increase access to the greatest MIP solver in the world. This is just the beginning.”

Now, what does this launch mean for you? Aside from everything else we mentioned, when you create an account you’ll receive access to:

30 Day Free Trial

To get your feet wet, we are offering a free 30 day trial of our Professional tier. With the Professional tier, you’ll have access to the Gurobi solver, 40 API solve hours, the entire model library, workspace resources, collaboration tools, and more.

Extensive Model Library

We’ve created a robust model library that provides examples for problems to solve using optimization and applying optimization technology. You can build high-fidelity models in the cloud, either from scratch or from the broad library of models available at your fingertips.

Next Level API

Gurobi users can now deploy models quickly and easily using our rich APIs and demo apps. Our API allows you to completely manage your Optilogic environment so you can create a workspace, upload and download files, and execute models easily.

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