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Introducing The Cloud-Based Modeling Studio: Optilogic

Modelers and engineers from around the world have formulated and coded their optimization and simulation models to solve some of the world’s most complicated problems. Whether you’re modeling the full supply chain of the world’s biggest grocery stores or the performance of a pro athlete, our world is getting better at presenting answers. However, modeling is a lot more nuanced than just knowing what you need to answer. How do we know if we’re asking the right questions? Are we optimizing for the right problem? How confident are we in the results of our optimizations? Our team has taken these ideas into consideration over the past 3 years and we’ve worked hard to build a platform that enables modelers to easily and accurately optimize, simulate, and collaborate upon their models for higher impact - no matter the problem they’re trying to solve.

It’s our pleasure to announce the launch of Optilogic, a fully web-based optimization and simulation platform for design thinking teams. Starting today, anyone can create a free Optilogic account and start modeling, optimizing, and simulating within our modeling studio. For our launch, we’ve put together a short FAQ below so you know what you’re getting when you sign up for Optilogic today.

What is Optilogic?

Optilogic is a free and 100% web-based optimization and simulation platform. The Optilogic platform consists of the following main components:

  • A state of the art online modeling studio with an open-source solver
  • A comprehensive industrial-grade model library
  • Access to the API for integration with third-party platforms

Who is Optilogic for?

Optilogic is for experienced modelers and application builders. Our modeling studio allows for skilled modelers to configure absolutely anything you desire in the model. Optilogic has a robust coding environment that puts the full power of Python in your hands, so you can code, test, and execute your models, or models from our model library.

What can you do with Optilogic?

Optilogic offers a wide range of benefits. Here are a few of the ones we think are most important:

  • Build custom models in the cloud
  • Collaborate in real-time with colleagues and peers
  • Power apps through the use of API to connect to models
  • Leverage existing models through the model library

What solvers are available in Optilogic?

Optilogic currently offers its own Open Source Solver. Optilogic’s solver is based on the COIN-OR Branch-and-Cut MIP solver, but enhanced with Optilogic’s tuning, machine learning, and presolving technologies.

We’re also excited to announce that the Gurobi solver will be available as well.

Atlas’ base language is Python, version 3.8, with the latest versions of Pyomo and Simpy available in their respective workspaces.

Is Optilogic really free?

Yes! We believe the power of easily modeling, optimizing and simulating should be available to everyone! Users are able to model as many models as they want within our modeling studio, Atlas.

While users are able to manually solve models through their workspace, solving through the API requires a subscription to our paid Standard and Professional plans. Check out the plans on our Pricing page.

There is, however, a solving capacity limit for solving through the API. To increase your solving capacity limit, we offer a Standard and Professional plan. Check out the plans on our Pricing page.

How do I get started on Optilogic?

We’ve made it really simple for people to get started on Optilogic. Simply create an account on any modern web browser (for best results, we recommend Chrome, Edge and Firefox), and you’re in! Once you’re in, we’ll take you through in-app on-boarding to know where the most important stuff is.

We’ve also got tons of resources to help you find your way around the platform. Check out the Optilogic Documentation site here.

We’re excited to start this journey. Create an account today and come along for the ride.