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Announcement: Optilogic Joins the Supply Chain Risk Management Consortium

Risk has (and always will be) a key component in our supply chain design process. While the monitoring and mitigation of risk in supply chains are discussed constantly in the current landscape, businesses still struggle with finding efficient ways to proactively manage risks within their supply chain. To help progress the conversation and be a part of the ever-changing supply chain landscape, Optilogic has officially joined the Supply Chain Risk Management Consortium (SCRM).

SCRM is a coalition of businesses and organizations dedicated to the furthering of identification, assessment, mitigation, and management of global supply chain risks. Optilogic joins 30 other companies in the consortium to help provide education and analysis around managing risk across all industry sectors. At Optilogic, we’re honored to be amongst other heavy hitters changing the supply chain game and bringing powerful insights through thought leadership and cutting-edge tech.

Read the full press release to learn more.
Read the Press Release

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