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Announcement: Optilogic Introduces Supply Chain Design Services

We’ve assembled a group of experts from the supply chain industry to build out the Professional Services team at Optilogic. Whether you’re a customer, a partner, or a prospective customer, our Professional Services team has the expertise to help you incorporate design thinking and leverage cloud-based solutions for even your most ambitious modeling, optimization, and simulation projects.

We’ll get hands-on with your existing models, provide insight into the numerous optimization solvers currently on the market, and share our best practices and methodologies to help make your network designs more efficient and resilient. Want to learn more? We’ll break it down.

Product Delivery

From scoping and defining goals to executing and guiding successful project implementations, we’re here to help. We can support you in a wide range of projects like supply chain strategy, supply chain network design, demand & supply balancing, logistics engineering, supply chain analytics and more.

Advisory Services

Our team has over 135+ man-years of experience in the supply chain industry. With our cumulative wealth of knowledge, we can help answer some of the toughest supply chain design questions such as:

  • Is there a better supply chain structure for your enterprise and how can you balance service with risk?

  • Considering recent global and local events such as pandemics, port closures, labor shortages, the impact of shifting demand, changes in production capacities, higher carrier rates and numerous other cost elements, should your supply chain still look the same?

  • How can you balance world-class customer service and fulfillment while still achieving optimal profit contributions for your shareholders?

  • Does your current supply chain configuration support your upcoming commitments to sustainability goals? Are you positively or negatively impacting your ESG score?

  • How can you build and train a supply chain design team that has confidence and longevity?

You’ve got questions and we’ve got answers.
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Technology Consultations

We have a deep understanding of current industry-leading solver engines. Our experts have experience with virtually all modern optimization engines. Whether you’re looking to have a better understanding of the technology you currently leverage, or looking to build out a new set of capabilities, our experts are available to provide unbiased recommendations that can drive more efficient and faster optimization runs for your supply chain solutions.

Coaching and Education

In the world of supply chain design, there’s a preponderance of knowledge that has been stored in-house with individuals that comprise a graying workforce. We believe that collaboration and sharing can help strengthen knowledge transfer in our industry and will create a more efficient and collaborative generation of supply chain designers. At Optilogic we are proponents of frictionless supply chain knowledge sharing. We offer up our team of industry experts to help coach and educate supply chain designers during their modeling, optimization, and simulation journeys.

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