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Announcement: Optilogic Introduces Gurobi to Library of Solvers

Optilogic is pleased to introduce Gurobi to it’s library of accessible solvers. As of today, Optilogic users will now be able to optimize their models using Gurobi’s best in class solver.

Gurobi is currently the fastest mathematical optimization solver on the market. Their powerful performance has helped many Fortune 500 companies, including Google and Toyota, to solve complex business problems written as mathematical models.

The partnership between the world’s fastest MIP solver and our novel 100% cloud based modeling studio is right in line with Optilogic’s overall mission to democratize best-in-class optimization. Users will now be able to securely access, save, and efficiently optimize their models from anywhere where there’s internet.

Here Are a Few Common FAQs

  • Who can access the Gurobi solver? Gurobi can be accessed by any Optilogic user. Once you create a new workspace, you’ll have the option to select the Gurobi solver.
  • How much does it cost to use Gurobi? How is this different from simply purchasing a Gurobi license? The Gurobi solver can be accessed under the professional tier. This being said, users using the free license will be able to take advantage of a 30 day trial period for the professional tier to use Gurobi. The professional tier becomes economical for each user as there is a comparatively lower access fee to use Gurobi. A user can model using gurobipy and run optimizations within the Optilogic modeling studio, and have a large bucket of cloud solving hours and scalability through the use of APIs. Traditional Gurobi licenses are powerful and, when paired with cutting edge machines, can solve the toughest problems in the world. When you need rapid prototyping, or scalability and accessibility in the cloud, then there is no better place than Optilogic.
  • How do I request a free trial of the Professional Tier to access Gurobi? This process should be automatic when you sign up for your account, but if it hasn’t happened don’t worry! Simply let us know at and we will activate it for you on the spot.
  • What type of modeling is Gurobi and Optilogic best suited for? Any complex optimization problem would be a great fit for using this toolstack. For example, if you’ve got a simple scheduling problem, that can probably be solved with something like CBC. But let’s say you’re trying to schedule on a larger scale where you’ve got the entire workforce of a warehouse to consider. At that point, you’ll need a robust solver like Gurobi to give you an accurate result. The point is that there is a level of complexity and size that requires you to switch to a commercial offering, and Gurobi is the best of them.

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