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Optilogic and miebach

AI Solutions for SMBs

Not only is it possible for SMBs to incorporate AI into their planning processes, it’s also customizable, affordable, and profitable.

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Optilogic and ACR

Optilogic and ACR: Project Rubik Network Design

With Optilogic leading the way, AmerCareRoyal is overcoming growing pains and gaining a robust understanding of its massive, sprawling supply chain.

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Opti Con 2022 Jeff and Lora copy

Jeff Metersky and Lora Cecere

Supply chain expert Jeff Metersky has an in depth chat with founder of Supply Chain Insights Lora Cecere.

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Optilogic and PECO

PECO Pallet Supply Chain Model Conversion Project

When PECO Pallet converted its supply chain model from SCG to Optilogic, the company saw a marked improvement in solve times and complex analytics.

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