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Watch: 5 Simple Steps to Get Started with Supply Chain Design

Supply chain design enables businesses to evaluate trade-offs across financial performance, service, and systemic risk to select the best designs. But how does supply chain design work, and how do you get started?

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5-Minute Demo: Cosmic Frog

Welcome to the demo of Cosmic Frog! Our 5-minute demo guides you through setting up your account, creating a new model, uploading data, building and running scenarios, and analyzing and sharing scenarios.

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How to Build Your First Cosmic Frog Model 2

How to Build Your First Cosmic Frog Model in 4 Simple Steps

Ready to build your first Cosmic Frog model? We’ll guide you through four simple steps and you’ll be on your way to answering your toughest supply chain what-if questions.

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Guide 4 steps considering risk in supply chain design

Start Considering Risk in Your Supply Chain Design with these 4 Steps

Too many organizations fail to truly identify risk within their supply chains. Unlock your free guide to learn four steps to consider risk in supply chain design with Optilogic.

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Cosmic Frog: Supply Chain Design that Balances Cost, Service, and Risk

Welcome to Cosmic Frog—100% SaaS-based and the only design platform that balances cost, service, and risk for more resilient supply chains amid volatility.

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Optilogic Whitepaper v3 REV

The 5 Biggest Problems with Supply Chain Design Technology

Supply chain design technologies like modeling, optimization, and simulation are not new—so why have these once bleeding-edge tools fallen so far behind?

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Introducing Cosmic Frog

With supply chain disruptions on the rise, you’ve probably started to experience drastic shifts in demand, labor shortages and structural concerns.

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Coupa supply chain modeler converter

Converter for Coupa Supply Chain Modeler

If you’re looking for a simple way to test your legacy supply chain models in Optilogic Cosmic Frog, we have good news: Our model converter can automate around 70% of the work for you. Converting your legacy models is easy (and free!)

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Amer Care Royal case study

Complex Supply Chains Require Both a Big Picture and Granular Strategic Approach

With Optilogic leading the way, AmerCareRoyal is overcoming growing pains and gaining a robust understanding of its complex, extended supply chain

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Peco pallet case study

Answering All the Questions, at Scale

When PECO Pallet converted its supply chain model to Optilogic, the company saw a marked improvement in solve times and complex analytics.

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Removing Barriers to Enabling Digitalized Decision Making

For supply chain leader iGPS, Optilogic has injected true optimization and effective scaling into the equation

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Watch: First Look at Your New Supply Chain Design Tool

Catch the playback to hear from leading members of the Optilogic team about our brand-new supply chain design tool, Cosmic Frog.

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Optilogic and ACR

Optilogic and ACR: Project Rubik Network Design

With Optilogic leading the way, AmerCareRoyal is overcoming growing pains and gaining a robust understanding of its massive, sprawling supply chain.

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