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Supply Chain Design Consulting & Professional Services

Supply Chain Design as it exists today, needs to be destroyed and rebuilt. But to do that, you need the right ideas, the right tools, and the right team. With the help of industry experts, coupled with our cutting-edge design technology, Cosmic Frog, you’ll be able to model, optimize, and simulate your supply chain at every risk level, building a smart, resilient supply chain and enterprise.

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Our Services

Project Scoping and Advisory

Our team of experts can provide expertise in setting up project for success, or review and refine overall objectives, scope, approach, timeline, and effort.

Coaching and Training

We can train your users on components of the Optilogic platform (ex. Atlas, model library, APIs), or help build skills and competencies to leverage Optilogic platform to take optimizations further.

Custom Algorithm Development

We can develop customizations to model business-specific logic and policies or help to tune your models and identify opportunities to improve run times.

What Cosmic Frog Customers are Saying

“When I was tasked with creating a robust vehicle routing MIP formulation, I selected Optilogic for the challenge and was thrilled with the process. Sign-up was easy, there were no licensing concerns, and best of all, I was able to leverage Gurobi’s commercial grade solver to build and solve my model in the cloud in a matter of minutes.”
– Jon Lever, Optagility
“Our company wanted to create a Machine Learning recommendation engine to power our solution. Optilogic stepped up to the challenge. Not only did they deliver, they helped ensure the success of the solution. We’re blown away.”
– Eric Turner, CEO at Return Rabbit
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