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Includes 1 Cloud Run Time Hour
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  • 10 hours/week Modeling Studio

  • Collaboration

  • API & Integrations

  • Model Library

  • Fixed Solver Resource Scaling

  • 1 Concurrent Solves/month

  • 1 Cloud Run-Time Hour/Month

Pay $3,000 per month Pay $2,100 per month paid annually


Includes 100 Cloud Run Time Hours
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  • Unlimited Modeling Studio Hours

  • Collaboration

  • API & Integrations

  • Model Library

  • Configurable Solver Resource Scaling

  • Unlimited Concurrent Solves

  • 100 Cloud Run-Time Hours/month

  • 1 free hour of consulting with an Optilogic Expert

  • 12 free hours of consulting with an Optilogic Expert

Additional Cloud Run Time Hours

You may find the need to increase the quantity of solver hours as you continue to leverage the Optilogic platform. Users are For any hours beyond the allotted Cloud Run Time Hours provided within your monthly subscription, users are charged per hour based on the rate card to the right.

100 to 500 hours

$2 per hour

500 to 1,000 hours

$1.85 per hour

1,000+ hours

$1.70 per hour

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a minimum amount of solver time that I will be charged?

Yes, the minimum solver time usage is 1 minute.

How can I get access to more concurrent solves?

A Standard account will allow you to solve sequentially. To access concurrent solves you can upgrade your account to Professional and have configurable concurrency on Optilogic’s hyperscaling solvers.

Does any of my time roll over?

No. Each month your solve hours reset.

Does my storage capacity change month to month?

Unless you require additional storage, then you can purchase more gigs of storage beyond what’s included with your account type.